Two Legs one Arm _ no shoes and help the little ones


Room (approx. 4x8x6 m) and installation to walk in (approx. 2,5x3x5 m)

Material: blue paint, metal, wood, fabric, mattress


A space offered to the visitor for experience: 

The entire room is painted in a rather strong blue and serves as an atmospheric canvas for the actual installation.

The choice of colour originates from research on the particular conditions of the sky, light and weather (="the hour of clarity").

The sculpture, which invites you to lie down and float, is inspired by a cocoon and is intended as a place for reflection,

rest and perhaps even the metamorphosis of ideas. It is a shelter to reflect on the construction of the home and how colour

is only a reflection of light. This side-specific work was accessible to visitors of the HISK studios and beyond that was used

by the artist herself. 

tiny little feet

walking on blue tiles

standing on a platform

lying down to rest


real dreams are blurring into each other

yesterday becomes tomorrow

while you are


both of them