being welcome

Whenever I start a journey, I feel these doubts about leaving. I felt it quite often in my life but usually ignored it.

On the way, I ponder about leaving, arriving and luggage. The feeling of leaving is full of excitement for arriving. Unknown things are waiting and even if you know the way you can never really know. Exhaustion and relief convoy the arrival. While traveling the body is in a state of in between. Yesterday and today, here and there, one hour earlier or later, day or night, all this doesn't really matter during a journey. Well, at least not to me.

One way always has a departure and an arrival. But still, if we go on holiday we only talk about leaving and returning. What is about the time of arrival?

Actually, it’s not arrival.

I’m looking for a stronger word than this. Something that describes the feeling of calming down after a journey. And then there is the luggage. It carries important things like clothes, food, presents, books.

On the journey to England I realize that the only really important thing is my passport. Also, I understand that the luggage is the only thing that marks out if you are leaving home or arriving. You either carry clean or dirty clothes everything else is kind of the same. My luggage almost weighs one third of my body weight. This makes me think of a travel suit. Something very uncomfortable and heavy which gives you this feeling of being away. 


While writing this I wonder...if you live abroad you got an old and a new home but what do you mean if you say: “I’m going home”? I guess this confusion is part of everyone’s life who has more than one home … must be an exhausting great chance!