It is rather dark.
The room is untidy and empty.
Memories recalling moments.
Familiarity versus obscurity.
There is a swing.
The back and forth is even.
The body turns into a driven tool.
Space is divided by movement.
Weightlessness and gravity take turns.
Headwind and vital momentum.




Metal, wood, dynamo, electric cable, light 

Size of the swing approx. 3x 1,2x 0,3 m


A swing that converts the movement of the swinging body into energy (= electricity).
Due to the metal structure, the forward and backward movement is rigid, so that the body becomes a kind of pendulum.
The generated energy leads to a light that begins to flicker. The intensity of the light is in immediate relation to the swinging movement.

This work was developed in collaboration with Frank Jung and is meant to be physically experienced by visitors.