Ein Stückchen Himmel (= A little slice of sky)



participatory sky-diary and 

picture collage of the Saar region


A project which I initiated during the COVID 19 curfew in the Saar region.
Over the course of 32 days, people from the region were invited to submit images of "their" sky and participate in the project.
I chose the element of sky because we inhabit the sky collectively and it is an ever-changing representation of light, weather,
pollution and social constructs. Using date, time and location, the sky fragments were chronologised and made accessible as
a kind of digital diary.


Furthermore, the collected data was transformed into a summarising portrait of the period from 17 April to 18 May 2020.
This summary image was created by determining the average colour value of each of the 102 submitted images.


I see the process and outcome of this work as a representation of time and how it sometimes stands or runs and is often perceived
differently afterwards. The hours blur when I think back to those days and weeks in curfew. They become bright to cloudy moments.
As if time was an 

 Saarland, 17.April - 18.Mai 2020
 Saarland, 17.April - 18.Mai 2020