Clouds and Pancakes


Wooden structure (approx. 30x30x50 cm), Leporello, Full moon walk, Baghrir (pancake)-sculpture.


This work was developed for the full moon phase during the Contour 9 Biennale in Mechelen 2019
and presented at full moon time (18 May 2019, 23:11 pm). 

Originally inspired by Msemmen (Moroccan pancakes) found at the Midi market in Brussels,
the work is intended as a participatory moment:


- Full Moon Walk with strolling pancake sculpture in wearable architecture

- collective reading a provided leporello

- sharing of the pancakes and exchange through / about food


The text in the leporello compares pancake recipes from different countries and deals with the appropriation
of food in the western world by ignoring correct naming and the accompanying acknowledgment of origin. 

In the course of the project development, the final decision was made in favour of Baghrir pancakes
(another type of pancake originating from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia). They were chosen for their visual
appearance, which can be compared to the surface of the moon. Furthermore, it was possible to purchase the
pancakes from the local bakery Bakkerij badr in Mechelen. 

Clouds and Pancakes_Hannah Mevis_booklet
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