ongoing since 2022


Artistic investigation of embodiment and sensory corporeality from a female perspective.
The work bOdy is composed of:

  1. An avatar whose appearance is based on a body scan of the artist.
  2. A web app which makes it possible to manipulate the avatar's body (volume, size, distortion of individual body parts or entire bodies). The web app is used to visually record the artist's daily sensations in a diary-like form. 
  3. Sculptures translated from the web app back into analog space. This is done by using a 3D printer, which can be understood as a contemporary Michelangelo.

During the final presentation, the avatar and the web app were introduced, sculptures were shown, and a publication with visuals from the app as well as written diary entries were used to make bOdy more accessible to the audience. In addition, the audience was invited to make an entry in the web app themselves.

Concept and realization of the artwork: Hannah Mevis

3D body scan: 3D Scan & Druck Karlsruhe

Design of the web app, avatar, and support for further processing of digital data: Che Go Eun and Vincent Van Dijck

Publication design: Hannah Mevis

Font: Anti by Daniel Weiand

3D printing: co:hub66 & s:coop with special thanks to Tobias Turco

Presentation: Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken with special thanks to Katharina Ritter & team






bOdy has been made possible with the support of: