Since 2021, I‘ve been mainly researching the topic of exhaustion. I call it after the German term Erschöpfung:



- to scoop (e.g. water)

- history of (religious) creation

- creation of art

- accomplishment

- drawing profit from abilities and/or resources



- exhaustion of resources and/or physical abilities

- burning out one‘s own capacities or those of others


My research is rooted in the question „what sculptures must feel like holding the same position throughout a lifetime?“

I‘m especially interested in the depiction of the female body and how it has been utilized to introduce gender-stereotypes into our society.


Portfolio by Hannah Mevis on the artistic research of Exhaustion.
December 2022
All rights reserved.
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My research and artistic project is kindly supported by the Saarland Graduate Funding Programme (GraduSaar)