“Move your homeland - you leave we welcome you!”

are ehibition series, working about the topics of moving, being welcome and the facts that make some place a home. The first exhibition took place in Norwich, England in February 2017. The second exhibition took place in Saarbrücken, Germany in May 2017. Further exhibitions are in process of planning.

Initiated by Julia Rabusai with support of S_A_R Projektbüro.





German Carnival:

There is this tradition of Carnival in the middle of February in Germany. People used to celebrate it either to get rid of the winter or to take the chance to point out their opinion about the political situation. In olden days, the little man on main street could pretend he was the king during carnival. Nowadays it is more about dressing up and getting drunk. Also, it’s the last time for a feast before the lent. But nobody cares about lent. Well at least not the one who gets waisted as hell not caring about anything.

As our opening is on Thursday night, we decide to focus on the good old tradition. At this night, everybody is celebrating “Weiberfasching” the first proper party nightin Germany. The Ladies are allowed to cut off men’s ties and you get to see loads of people wearing weird costumes. We prepare a variety of costumes in the

entrance of dove street studios. Guests and artists help themselves to anything they like. There are wigs, cardboard costumes and glittery somethings. Best of all are the party capsules which are very handy. You take them with you and whenever you feel like party you open it. To make sure everyone is satisfied we offer jelly nibbles. People get to choose between raspberry jelly made with beer and blueberry stuffing or lime jelly made with gin served on a slice of cucumber.


Outside it is showery and windy. Perfect weather for a walk. But we must get to the galleries in Augustines street.

Actually, we are quite lucky with the weather! It’s just typical for carnival. Whenever I manage to open my eyes right I see people in costumes. They almost run because it’s so unpleasant but they look beautiful. Between the rain drops I see confetti. In the dark, it looks like it was raining glitter. At some point, I have to take off my costume and bin it. It’s a shame but it is just not possible to carry it any longer because the wind blows the jelly all over me.

When we arrive in Nunns Yard people put their wet costumes into the Gallery window. After a few minutes, the

windows are fogged. The costumes look like a carefully arranged installation.


A happening by Hyun Ju Do and Hannah Mevis 







Move your homeland - 

you leave we welcome you! II




Being welcome


Whenever I start a journey, I feel these doubts about leaving. I felt it quite often in my life but usually ignored it.

On the way, I ponder about leaving, arriving and luggage. The feeling of leaving is full of excitement for arriving. Unknown things are waiting and even if you know the way you can never really know. Exhaustion and relief convoy the arrival. While traveling the body is in a state of in between. Yesterday and today, here and there, one hour earlier or later, day or night don’t matter during a journey. Well, at least not to me.

One way always has a departure and an arrival. But still, if we go on holiday we only talk about leaving and returning. What is about the time of arrival?

Actually, it’s not arrival. I’m looking for a stronger word than this. Something that describes the feeling of calming down after a journey. And then there is the luggage. It carries important things like clothes, food, presents, books. On the journey to England I realize that the only really important thing is my passport. Also, I understand that the luggage is the only thing that marks out if you are leaving home or arriving. You either carry clean or

dirty clothes everything else is kind of the same.

My luggage almost weighs one third of my body weight. This makes me think of a travel suit. Something very uncomfortable and heavy which makes you feel like being away. This must be a bestseller. Imagine all the voyages I could do because of this brainwave!


While writing this I wonder...if you live abroad you got an old and a new home but what do you mean if you say: “I’m going home”? I guess this confusion is part of everyone’s life who has more than one home … must be an exhausting great chance!






Travel sickness 

A busride simulation composed of travel fragments such as video, sounds and the feeling of traveling by bus.




The value of recognition of a city is

dominated by its architecture.

Architecture transforms into landscape.

Landscape was built to raise the value

of recognition.